Behind the Lens
I started photography after coming back from a holiday in Italy late 2011. The people, the scenery and the beauty inspired me. It has made me more aware now that you can find this anywhere if you look.
My name is Richard and photography for me, has always been about capturing people, the places and their unique stories. No matter where life takes you, everyone has a story to tell.
I started more with street photography, watching people and trying to capture life as they just got on with it. This developed into travel photography as I tried to capture the essence of the places I have been lucky enough to visit, from Tuscany to Paris, Spain to Cuba there are interesting people in places all over the world.


As well as capturing what’s already happening, I have found myself just as intrigued by what can be created, working with professional models, businesses or families wanting to create something new or different.


I see my role as a photographer as the person who either captures what’s happening, or creates something new and interesting. Both can be incorporated into what has become a hobby and profession for me.
My style is adaptable, so whether you want to hire a creative to come make something happen, a journalistic style to capture your moments and ensure you have a record of your event or big day, or whether you want somebody to execute an already existing brief..
Let me capture your story and your special moment in life. Contact me on

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